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Loro Piana celebrates summer in Forte dei Marmi

The Loro Piana brings sophistication and the ease of relaxed summer living to the Forte dei Marmi store as ropes, glass fishing buoys, and hibiscus flower prints embellish the interior of the boutique. The Maison also takes over the Fioraio flower shop and kiosks in the heart of the Tuscan seaside destination, offering a wide selection of flowers and plants alongside The Art of Good Living collection of essentials for the home and beyond. This location is one of the few offering the full assortment, allowing clients to fully discover the items designed to accompany them enjoying moments of conviviality around the table and quality time outdoors, whether active – playing games or engaging in sports – or relaxing – with cushions, a chair, and a soft mat.

Visit the Fioraio and the Loro Piana Forte dei Marmi boutique

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Loro Piana at Bagno Piero

To celebrate the summer season, the Maison collaborates with Bagno Piero, a renowned beach spot, and create together a place of relaxed elegance in Forte dei Marmi. At Bagno Piero, novelty and modernity coexist with tradition offering authenticity and elegance. Cushions and chairs with the Loro Piana suitcase stripe motifs are introduced, equipped with exclusive towels featuring the Maison’s coat of arms. A place to relax and recharge overlooking the sea, a truly immersive experience into the world of Loro Piana.

Visit Loro Piana at Bagno Piero